Reasons To Incorporate A Carnivore Diet Into Your Routine


The concept of diets was initiated long ago and over the years, several intriguing variations in diets have come up. We have all come across the terms vegan diet, keto diet, low carb diet, gluten free diet, paleo diet and so on. A relatively recent addition to the diet types is the carnivore diet! Carnivore diet includes red meat, fish, pork, eggs and other animal products and exclusion of other food groups like fruits, grains, vegetables and so on. 

If you are a meat lover and have been considering to adopt the carnivore diet but are filled with doubts; you are at the right place! 

Below we shall talk about the several benefits of a carnivore diet, which will help you decide. 

A] Lower blood sugar levels 

An important feature of carnivore diet is that sugar intake is eliminated or at least minimized. Blood sugar spike is a common problem in many. It can further trigger inflammation and lead to fatigue. Consumption of carnivore diet can significantly even out blood sugar levels, thereby helping reduce inflammation and stabilize energy. 

B] Increased energy 

As mentioned above, inflammation can bring about fatigue. Additionally, deficient nutrients also cause loss of energy. Consumption of red meat is believed to boost up energy levels. One prominent example of this is red meat which is rich is carnitine and based on studies, low levels of carnitine can result in chronic fatigue. 

C] May speed up weight loss 

Contrary to popular opinion, carnivore diet can reduce the chances of obesity. Elevated insulin locks up the body fat and stores it, causing weight gain and in extreme cases obesity. With carnivore diet since insulin levels are controlled and even reduced, the opposite mechanism takes place wherein you lose the body fat thereby speeding up weight loss. 

D] Rejuvenates skin 

Inflammation and nutrition deficiencies boost sebum production causing skin issues. With carnivore diet, the chances of this are eliminated. 

E] Better mental health 

People with high levels of CRP often show no improvement with depression medications. Inflammation is believed to increase these levels and since carnivore meat reduces inflammation, it can lead to better mental health and brain function.

If you are a meat lover; carnivore diet is for you! When you can eat something that is scrumptious while being highly beneficial for your health, why not make it a part of your everyday life! 

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