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October 2013



Spread me bacon…

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Bacon Jam

Eeeeverybody and their aunty are raving about bacon these days – bacon ice cream, bacon cakes, bacon jam….I mean…anything that you wouldn’t expect having bacon in it is being thrown at us and we are meant to believe it’s good an’allthat…so I’m gonna jump on the band wagon and try “jammin” it myself! Slaaap me if I don’t! Bacon Jam, here I come…Hah!

Think, think….bacon, right? Salty, meaty, fatty. Gonna need some acidity to cut through all that but don’t wanna be predictable and just use vinegar….how abooooout: Gooseberries! I have a punnet in the fridge that is going nowhere fast. I mean, have you ever tried to eat those buggers raw? Pop one in your mouth (will be better if you can get it in someone else’s unsuspecting mouth, at least you can have some proper fun!) and watch your face cringe…Gonna need some onions too, can’t have jam without onions, can we now! A bunch of giant spring onions will do the trick. It will add some sweetness and a tiny bit of heat. But then I want MORE heat, so a red chilli from my beloved pot will have to come in the mix too.

Lets go then!Bacon Jam I’m gonna blend all in stages, starting with the onions. WizzzzzzBacon JamBacon and the chilli next. Wizzzzzz some more. Actually a lot more…all the way to a smooth pasteBacon Jam

Both “minces” go in a deep heavy cast pot with a splash of good olive oilBacon Jam

Give a good mix and listen to it fry gently, while the kitchen gets filled with the mouth watering aroma of fresh onions and bacon. Ones some juices have released, add the punnet of gooseberries Bacon Jam

Followed by a cup of dark Muscovado sugar for a deep, earthy, honey noteBacon Jam

A cup of maple syrup, cause we just can’t have bacon without maple syrupBacon Jam

and a 1/4 of a cup of cider vinegar for that “relishy” zingBacon Jam

Mix well, bring to a rapid boil, Bacon Jam

…then reduce the heat to low, cover and go make yourself busy for about 3 hours. It will need a bit of mixing towards the end, until it starts looking like this:Bacon JamYes, I agree, it isn’t the prettiest of sights, but id does smell rather delicious..Mix until you are happy with the consistency. It has to be thick and sticky, it is a jam after all and has to be smooth and spreadable. Let it cool down and fill into sterilised jars.Bacon Jam I’m using small ones as they will be easier to eat up, ones opened.
Bacon Jam

Can’t wait to taste it and see what the fuss is all about!Bacon Jam

Hmmm, you know what? I think I’m sold…this is some reeeeal good stuff! The bacon taste is there, but it’s not overpowering. There is a lovely kick from the chilly and sweetness comes through from the muscovado and the maple syrup. On the next batch I’m gonna try balsamic vinegar instead of cider though, I think it may deepen the taste even further..

That jam will be an absolute treat as a base on a burger, or with crumbled mature cheddar on top…although it’s as good as it gets all by itself!

I should have used bigger jars to save me popping yet another one every few hours….:-) Yummmm

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