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October 2013



In split minds

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It’s been miserable all day out today, Autumn has properly kicked in and I’m feeling just like the weather – grey and irritable. Can’t be bothered to go out and get wet. Can’t be bothered to even get the car out of the garage and release some tension by road rage…That usually betters one’s mood… I mean, there are SO many people on the roads that are crying for a good shouting!

Instead…I’m gonna drag myself to the kitchen and cook something that is bound to make me feel better. I just remembered there’s a bunch of lovely organic broad beans in the kitchen, that I’ve picked from the market a few days ago. Little summer in a bag! A pack of bacon stares at me from the second shelve of the fridge and the idea is already rounding up…..a lovely, spicy, comforting bean and bacon soup. Perrrrrrfect sofa food!

Just looking at those plump beans elevates my moodBean and bacon soup

I want to keep the soup as simple as possible and be able to properly taste the beans and the bacon. So all I’m gonna have in the pot apart from them is some spring onion and some garlic.Bean and bacon soupStart by chopping the bacon, garlic and spring onions. Keep a few lean pieces of bacon aside, we will fry them together with a few peeled and split broad beans and a few pine nuts and use them as “croutons” at the endBean and bacon soupDe-shell the beans. Aren’t they cute?Bean and bacon soupHeat a splash of olive oil in a deep set pan and throw in the bacon, garlic and onions. Coat them well in the oil with a few stirs and add the beans

Bean and bacon soupSeason with black pepper and add a split fresh red chilli. De-seed if you don’t want a full heat blast. I’m going all the way today…
Don’t salt it as the bacon is salty enough. Remember, you can always add salt but never take it away! Taste when ready and add then, if neededBean and bacon soupPoor a litre of chicken stock over and bring to a rapid boilBean and bacon soup

Cover, turn the heat down to a medium and let it cook away.
Now let’s get the lovely “croutons” ready. Heat a few drops of olive oil in another pan and fry the bacon pieces and the split, naked beans ’till nicely browned. Throw in the pine nuts and toss.
Bean and bacon soup

All golden and toasty now, take out out on kitchen paper to drain the oil outBean and bacon soup

It’s 20 minutes later and the soup is ready! It smells delicious and ohhhhhh the taste! I’m in two minds if I should just eat it as it is or blend it into cream soup…..hmmmm…how about both! Yeah, clever me :-) Here we go, chunky first…A lovely bowl of goodness, topped with salty, crispy bacon and bean bits. Really, really satisfying!Bean and bacon soup

And just ’cause I have to try it in a cream version, the rest goes in the blender ’till smooth and back in the pot (through a sieve). Bean and bacon soupBring back to boil and add a dash of double cream. Swirl and take off the heat. Bean and bacon soup

Ready!Bean and bacon soup

Verdict is out: BOTH are just as good! The chunky one in an adventure of bursting flavours and textures, while the smooth, silky, creamy one is a blend of pure sophistication! Try them out and see for yourself :-)


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