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Easy Curreee in a Hurreee

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“Oh, come on, make me a curry…but I want it now…and I want it hearty and kinda healthy too…”
Right…you sit there, my deary, feet up on the couch, dosing away to Pawn stars on Discovery, while I go scratch my head in the kitchen, thinking how to make you a healthy curry from scratch in no time!….

It’s a good thing I’m a spice addict and keep on bagging every single jar/bag/pouch that meets my eyes, being at a market, super-market, friend’s cupboard (nooo, that’s not stealing, it’s borrowing!) or even a neighbour’s garden (again, not a theft but foraging in my books!). Hence, there’s got to be something I can make an authentic (almost) tasting curry with…I know I have Garam Masala. I know I have turmeric. That’s a good enough base as a start. Now let’s open the fridge and see what hides in there!

A good looking tray of chicken breast (tick!) and a lot of colourful veggies (tick!)  – red peppers, shallots, butternut squash, asparagus, baby courgettes and spring onions

First of all, let’s make the curry base: I’m going by smell here -
2 tsp Garam Masala
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp cardamom seeds, lightly crushed
2 star anise
1 red chilli

Easy curry from scratch
Heat a good splash of olive oil (I know curries are usually made with sunflower or veg oil, but wanna keep this one as healthy as possible) and tip in the spices, together with 3 roughly chopped garlic cloves. Let it bubble for a minute or so ’till beautifully aromaticEasy curry from scratch

Roughly chop all your veggies. I love chunky curries, they are so much more flavoursome and you also get to enjoy the taste of each separate vegetable as you bite into it. Easy curry from scratchTip the peppers, shallots and squash in the pot.Easy curry from scratchCoat well in the spices and fry for a few minutes

Easy curry from scratch

Poor in a splash of bourbon, mix, cover with a lid and give it 5 minutes, reducing the heat to medium. I wan’t the veggies to stew a little in the spices and the whiskey for an even deeper flavourEasy curry from scratch

After 5 min, tip the chicken breast inEasy curry from scratchMix well, season with sea salt and fry for a few minutes or untill the chicken starts brouning slightly. Add a tin (300ml) of reduced fat coconut milkEasy curry from scratchBring back to boil, cover and turn the heat down a couple more notches. Easy curry from scratch

Let in bubble slowly for 15 minutes. Stir a couple of times carefully so you don’t break down the squash too much.
The green “stuff” comes in next as it cooks in no time! :-) Easy curry from scratchAdd the asparagus tipsEasy curry from scratchand the baby courgettesEasy curry from scratchcover and give it another 5 minutes Let in bubble slowly for 20 minutesA dollop of low fat youghurt makes the sauce even silkier and thicker. Stir in to combineEasy curry from scratchAdd 2 chopped spring onions and take off the heatEasy curry from scratch

All done! Poor into bowls and sprinkle with a few chopped almondsEasy curry from scratch

Lovely, aromatic, healthy….what more could you want? The squash have made it that much more filling and into a complete meal, hence no rice necessary. Some crusty bread to dip in the sauce will do juuuuust fine!Easy curry from scratch

Most importantly, you’ve made it all by Yourself in no time! So fragrant, so delicious….lovely!


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