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It’s Sunday and I spent the morning on the phone, gossiping with girlfriends, catching up on all what’s nots. Conversations with me undoubtedly turn towards food at some point, and on a Sunday, the usual topic is what to eat to get rid of a splitting headache (due to too much Chablis..of course). “I’m dying for something hot, sour and soupy …” my girlfriend said, making me instantly salivate like I’ve went without food for days. Feeling like one of Pavlov’s experimental test dogs right now: show them a bone and they start foaming at the mouth in hungry anticipation…Well, I don’t even need to SEE the bone; just telling me there IS a bone sets me off! Does that make me worse than a canine? Ahahah…probably….or maybe just greedier!

Anyways, brain engaged, full steam ahead, I now have to have a hot-sour-fragrant soup. There are no two ways about it.
I’m thinking loads of coriander and lemon grass…chillies of those. What else if in the fridge? Hmmm…turkey mince? Could work..broad beans? Yup. Cherry tomatoes…set. There’s even a packet of long forgotten tamarind which has been making me scratch my head, “what do I put you in”….style. Cool! Lets go!

Gonna start with the mince, infuse it with cool, strong flavours and leave it a little time to absorb them. Here is what goes in the mix:Hot and sour soup

Hot and sour soup

Mince it all up in a food processor till very smothHot and sour soup

Oh, the fragrance is divine! Add the turkey mince on topHot and sour soup

Blitz again and let it rest. The finer the mix, the better!Hot and sour soup

Now let’s get the stock going. First: the tamarind water: soak 50gr of tamarind in 100ml of hot water for half an hour. Press as much of the pulp as you can through a sieve and that’s your tamarind water readyHot and sour soup

Bring 1.5 litres of chicken stock to a boil and add the tamarind water

Hot and sour soup

Half a lime (squeeze the juice and drop the rest in), a few lemon grass stalks, a chopped chilli and 2 kaffir lime leaves go in as wellHot and sour soup

Split and de-shell a handful of fresh broad beans….
Hot and sour soup

and drop in the stockHot and sour soup

Next, prepare the turkey. I’m gonna have some fun and make them into kebabs! Get a spoonful of mince in your palm and press one of the leftover lemon grass stalks in the middle of it. Squeeze it tight, forming a patty/kebabHot and sour soupDrop in the boiling stock and give them 4-5 minutes to cook through.

Hot and sour soupAdd a handful of halved cherry tomatoes and two finely chopped spring onionsHot and sour soupGive it a stir, leave for a minute and take off the heat. Hot and sour soupServe, putting 3 kebabs in each bowl, poor some stock over it, fish a few beans and tomatoes out as well and enjoy! Hot and sour soupSpicy, Lemony, Looovely


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