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September 2013



Strong as Popeye

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Spinach pie

Popeye the sailor said it! “I’m strong to the finich, cause I eats me spinach.”

It’s been ages since I had spinach pie. It was another one of my childhood favourites, but I never endeavoured to make it, because I though it was far too laborious…turns out it’s “easy as pie”. Literally! :-)

I was chatting to my mom on Skype earlier and while I was blabbing along, she was making spinach pie. In no time she was eating it, making all sorts of munching noises, theatrically rolling her eyes and I was left salivating on this side…so I called her a few not too pretty names and run to the kitchen to make my own! I absolutely hate being teased with food and know tonight will be a sleepless night if I don’t have spinach pie!…

The fridge isn’t on my side today either… Head completely in, I don’t see anything that can make me a pie…off to the shop then! I am determined!

I’m after:

500gr fresh spinach
200 gr feta cheese
4 eggs
cup of flat (paella or risotto) rice
3 tbsp low fat yoghurt
packet of filo pastry

All gathered, lets start cause my patience is long gone!

First of all the spinach needs cooked. Put a pint of water in a large flat pan and season with salt, pepper, a grating of 1/2 a nutmeg and a splash of olive oil. Bring to boil and drop the spinach leaves in. Turn a few times with a thong and as soon as it changes its colour to deep green and goes soft it’s ready!SpinachDrain through a colander into a large bowl and keep the liquid. Set the spinach aside to cool.
Wipe the pan clean, return to the hob, add a splash of olive oil and put in a cup of rice.

Spinach pie

Toast for a couple of minutes until transparent and start adding a ladle full of the spinach liquid at a time, just like making a risottoSpinach pie

When the rice gets plump and almost ready, chop the spinach and put it inSpinach pieStir well and set aside to cool for 10 minutesSpinach pie

After the mix has cooled, add 200 gr of crumbled feta cheeseSpinach pie

4 beaten eggsSpinach pie

And 3 tbsp of low fat natural yoghurt. Mix wellSpinach pieThat’s the filling ready. Risotto in a pie? Trust me, it works!!
Preheat your oven to 180C
Line a 22″ spring form tin with 2 sheets of filo, overlapping the sides. Drizzle with a little olive oilSpinach pieAdd a thin layer of the spinach mix (about 1/4)Spinach pieThen cover with a sheet of filo and drizzle with oil againSpinach pie

Repeat until the mix is over, then bring the sides in after the last sheet of filo pastry goes on topSpinach pie

Brush with egg wash (1 yolk and a tbsp of water)Spinach pie

Put in the oven for 40 minutes. I had a spoonful of the mix left so decided to try it in a shortcrust pastry case I have left over from a tart making session this weekend. Looks cool in, hope it works well :-)
After 40 min I have two perrrrfect pies out! And the smell is just divine!Spinach pieLovely!Spinach pieAnd a bit of rocket on the side completes the pictureSpinach pie

Enjoy!Spinach pie


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