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September 2013



The last fig standing

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Fig, tomato and kumquat jam

What happened to my last fig? Well…I ate it…I’m greedy… It was staring me down! Not my fault at all really… just got what it deserved!

So I went out and bought a whole load more! It is, after all, fig season so you should follow suit and go get yourself stocked up.
Plus I am out of fig jam…now I wish I paid more attention when my gran was making hers, instead of being preoccupied with licking the pot clean…

I wan’t to give mine a little extra flavour and a quick rummage through the fridge gives me exactly what I am after – a handful of beautiful orange tomatoes and to keep with the colour trend – a handful or aromatic, zingy kumqauts. So pretty!Fig, tomato and kumquat jamI love biting into fruit, when eating jam, so all I do to these lovelies is halve the smaller and quarter the bigger onesFig, tomato and kumquat jam

Then in a deep pot they go with a cup of dark Muscovado sugar, 3 tbsp of good quality honey. I am using home-made (my granddad has a few hives that produce heavenly honey every year) Fig, tomato and kumquat jamAnd for a little spice up and to wake up the flavour: a pinch of freshly cracked black pepper and a pinch of Cornish sea saltFig, tomato and kumquat jam

All you need now is 1/3 cup Marsala and 2 x 1/3 cups of water. Bring to boil, reduce the heat to medium and boil right down. Give it a careful stir from time to time, tying not to mash the fruit up. When ready, add a handful of walnuts, stir to coat and take off the heatFig, tomato and kumquat jamFill into a sterilized jar and let cool before storing in the fridgeFig, tomato and kumquat jam

I do have to try it NOW though. Don’t care if it’s hot, will blow hard on it…. Just gonna dollop a heaped spoon on a white piece…yummm :-) Fig, tomato and kumquat jamHere is a quick recap of the ingredients: Excuse my hand writing, but if I don’t write, I forget! Fig, tomato and kumquat jam


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