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August 2013



Fridge clean-out and a brand new word!

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Scone crumble cake

I am far too greedy for my own good. My eyes have always been far bigger than my stomach, resulting in a lot of food wastage in my home. I just can’t help but fill the supermarket trolley with everything that meets my eyes!
I’ve learned not to go shopping when hungry to start with…that reduces slightly the risk of grabbing on stuff like a maniac, salivating as I go along, thinking I will eat the world – literally!
On-line shopping hasn’t worked either – somehow I end up with even more stuff I don’t have any use for! So I’ve given up trying to be sensible while bringing food in and decided to try and be sensible in using everything I buy, one way or another, before it’s sell by date! The result is a strictly scheduled weekly fridge clear-out. It goes like this: all stuff goes out, gets sorted by expiry dates and gets put back in the fridge back to front. Yes, some little buggers always sneak up on me and are “gone” by the time I get to them (mostly items that make me scratch my head thinking: when and why the hell did I buy THIS?) but lately the majority of the things on their way out end up being used instead ending up in the bin for a change.

Today is the last chance for half a pack of seedless grapes and a handful of both blackberries and blueberries. A pack of opened and long forgotten fruit scones is also staring at me from way back in the second shelf…Jam the fruit and dollop with those scones? Naaaah….will take too long, can’t be bothered slaving on a stove for 3 hrs boiling 7 berries. Plus I have no clotted cream…who buys scones without getting clotted cream any ways!!
Throw the scones and eat the fruit? Sure….if I liked fruit? I’d rather eat the scruffy old scones dry!

Ok then…..ahaaa! Crumble! Scone crumble! Scone-mble…hahah that’s a tongue twister :-) But the whole idea is starting to sound very good in my head. Give it a go, huh?

So the fruits are sorted, crumble is too, all I need is something to bring the whole lot together. Nothing better than the simplest white cake mix – 3 eggs, cup of sugar and a cup of self rising flour (thanks mom)
Here we go, I am actually getting rather excited about this cake! And about my new word!

Scone crumble cake

As I won’t be pre-cooking the fruit (even that’s too much fuffung around for me at this time of night) I’m going to quickly blitz the much harder (than the rest) grapes in a food processor to get their juices flowing and help them cook evenly with the berriesScone crumble cake

Mix the chopped up grapes with the berries with your hand, giving them a light squeezeScone crumble cake

Add 2 spoonfuls of honey over the fruitScone crumble cake

Crumble the scones in a bowlScone crumble cake

Add the fruits Scone crumble cake

And combine, trying not to overwork the mixture and make it soggyScone crumble cake

I’ve lined a spring-form cake tin earlier with baking paper and buttered the bottom and sides wellScone crumble cake

The crumbly mixture goes in. Pat down very lightly with a spoon, just to even the surfaceScone crumble cake

Wisk 3 eggs with a cup of sugar for couple of minutes, until fluffy and light in colour, add a cup of flour and a tsp of baking powder and give it a final blitz. (I’m only using baking powder cause my flour turned out to be plain, not self rising! Need to get those cupboards properly stocked…)Scone crumble cake

Poor the cake mixture over the crumbleScone crumble cake

And distribute evenly on topScone crumble cake

Bake in a preheated oven (180C) for 20-25 minutes. You will know it’s ready when it becomes springy to the touchScone crumble cake

Leave the cake to cool for 2 minutes, release the tin’s sides and flip onto a cake stand (put the stand on top and hold the bottom with a towel while turning. Remove the tin base and peel the baking paper off. Scone crumble cake

Drizzle with another couple of tbsp of honey and let it cool completely before slicingScone crumble cake

I have to try it with cream…..Scone crumble cake

Oh my… SO works!!!!! I’m really liking ME right now….!Scone crumble cake


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