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Quickie Chickie on the Healthy side

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Healthy chicken lunch

Are you after a very satisfying quickie at lunch time? Try this little beauty: Wholemeal tortilla wrap, loaded with tasty chicken and good for you veggies, topped with seasoned yoghurt dressing. Soo so lovely and moorish with half the calories on a normal chicky wrap! Great, especially after a hard work out in the Gym! (this is one for my darling Lilly, who’s hammering the thighs as we speak! ;-))

Making it is as easy as counting numbers; 1, 2, 3, eat!
I am cheating, of course! It’s lunch time and if you are after a 2pm nap, like I am right now , you’ll be cheating too…although there is a great, make from scratch recipe which I’ll throw in as we go along

I’ve just gone and bought a roast chicken from the supermarket around the corner – still steaming hot and smelling delicious – and threw in the basket a packet of wholemeal tortillas. The rest of the ingredients I already have in the house and I am sure you are very likely to do too.

To start with, finely chop a red pepper, an onion, couple tomatoes, half an avocado and a handful of coriander sprigs. Fire up the hop, add a splash of rapeseed oil in a large pan (That’s my new obsession! Rapeseed oil is tastier, tangier, healthier and more flavoursome than olive oil!).Healthy chicken lunch

Sauté for a few minutes until slightly softened and fragrant. While waiting, “drag” the meat out of your roast chicken and chop roughly.
Healthy chicken lunch

Add the chicken and toss, heating through. Give it a few minutes to start caramelizing slightly Sauté for a few minutes until slightly softened and fragrant If you prefer to go the long, “proper” way and use uncooked chicken, slice 2 chicken breasts in strips and toss until properly browned and cooked right through. the rest of the recipe stays exactly the same. that will add about 5 minutes onto your salivating time.
Add 2-3 shakes of crushed chilli flakes and stir well. It is fot that extra “zing” right throughout each tasty bite later!Healthy chicken lunch

Add 2 roughly chopped tomatoes and toss for a couple more minutes.

Healthy chicken lunchLet the juices flow and combine all flavours well

Healthy chicken lunch

Turn off the heat, sprinkle the chopped coriander and the cubed avocado and set asideHealthy chicken lunch

Preheat your grill to medium. Put two wholemeal tortillas on the rack and heat for 2 minutes. Take out and start assembling your beautiesHealthy chicken lunch
Chickeny-peppery-onion-and-all-the-rest  goodness goes evenly on both. Pile’em’up high! Yeah!Healthy chicken lunchSprinkle some grated mature cheddar on top. Yeah, I know I’ve slipped with the healthy bit here but a gal needs some gooiness at lunch! Save on the calories? Opt for low fat or weight watchers cheese. Healthy chicken lunch

Whack back in the oven for a couple of minutes until the cheese goes all bubbly.

Healthy chicken lunch

Prep a quick, lovely and light dressing, out of 5 tbsp Greek natural yoghurt, a splash of rapeseed oil and a pinch of sea salt. I’ve used Himalayan pink here, incase you were wandering what the red dots are…ahah, it’s just sooo so pretty and meant to be the “king” of salts…or so does Mr Jamie Oliver says ;-)
Healthy chicken lunch
Drizzle a couple of tablespoons of the dressing over each, fold in half, squeeze and dig in! Aaaahhh…Healthy chicken lunch


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