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August 2013



Farewell, London Summer!

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BBQ at the end of Summer

We knew it wasn’t gonna last and therefore enjoyed every minute of it! After all, for all my 16 years in the UK, this’s the hottest Summer I’ve had!

London is amazing when the sun is out. People smile and greet each other for a change. Everywhere you look, colour meets your eye…grass is greener, the blueness of the sky is richer the ever and everyone is dressed in cheer.
Happiness floats about like a candy-floss cloud. Who doesn’t love summer!!

A bright sun beam snuck into my bedroom this morning and woke me up. It made me feel instantly alive and happy. Glorious!
There’s a lot to be said about living in countries where the sun is out all the time, but I can also say that when you don’t have it all the time, you appreciate it so much more….BBQ at the end of SummerI’ve seen the weekly forecast and it isn’t great…The temperature is still just about hanging around the 20′s C ┬ábut cloud and rain is starting to move is, hence, admit it, Summer is over! And every End (sometimes even more than every beginning) has to be celebrated!

I get on the phone and wake the crowned “King of BBQ’s” – my uncle! Ohhh, he is amazing! When you can get him outa bed in strap him onto a barbie, that is ;-)
He has this whole ritual worked out – meat is bought in the morning – all different kinds, chicken, lamb, beef, sausages, pork….variety is a must to feed the army (of 3) that are coming over! Everything gets marinated in it’s own special “juice”, secret of course..(although I can make out soy sauce in the chicken, chilli in the beef and paprika in the pork!) and then let rest and absorb the flavours for a couple of hours. The ritual of “firing the BBQ” follows, accompanied by uncorking a bottle of wine and popping uncounted amount of beer cans. He is very much against gas-fired-bbq’s and there’s no convincing him of the ease of instant heat!
“A REAL BBQ is done the hard way! To get the flavour you have to burn the coal until the fire is calm and they turn all red. That’s when they give out the best heat – steady, low and fragrant. And if you don’t have your meat smelling of fire and subtle smoke than what is the point of a BBQ? Might as well griddle it on the hob inside your kitchen!” He does have a point I guess….

An hour later the meat is ready to go on, followed by a few juicy corn-on-cob. Even the garlic bread goes on! Fabulous!BBQ at the end of Summer
Who’s the Champion? Hahaah…Look at that! A meal and a half, ready for a greedy, hungry bunch!BBQ at the end of Summer

And all is devoured┬ájust in time for the inevitably coming rain…..

BBQ at the end of Summer

Good Bye, English Summer! Looking forward to seeing you again next year…


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