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Gentle salmon

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I’ve been eyeing a bag of frozen salmon steaks for over a week now. The idea of gently poaching them in a fresh bay leaf flavoured water has steadily grown in my head.
My stolen brunches look like they’ve survived a hurricane, with only a handful of leaves left, so I am making every one count!

I have never poached salmon before. My preferred method, to be honest is grilling it or flash frying it, leaving the middle slightly raw and juicy. Lovely..
But I am so happy I’ve tried it! The texture and flavour turned out so soooo smooth and mellow that I felt like I was putting Heaven in my mouth with every bite. The exotic bay leaf fragrance works amazingly well, counterbalanced by the deep bite of the whole peppercorns that I threw in the water. And the taste got perfectly well rounded by the nuttiness of the extra virgin olive oil I went a bit overboard with. Can you tell I’ve had a great meal? Can you tell I am proud of myself…? Can you? Can you.. Hahah

Give it a try, I urge you!.. Unlike in my previous chocolate recipe, bay leaf, I believe now, was created to compliment salmon! And the simplicity of the recipe (it takes 3 ingredients and under 15 minutes to do from start to table) gives you no excuse to sway from it whatsoever! Grab a pot under one arm and some salmon under the other and march to the kitchen! NOW!

I am laying my Gentle Salmon on a bed of asparagus parcels. Just cause.

First of all get a large pot and fill it 2/3rds up with cold water. Throw in a generous splash of extra virgin olive oil, 2 pinches of sea salt and a few turns of the black pepper mill.
Bring to a rapid boil and drop in a large handful of fresh asparagus. 2 bunches will do the trick.

Bay leaf poached salmon

Put 4 minutes on the clockBay leaf poached salmon
then remove the asparagus and drop in iced water to stop it cooking any further. Let the water stay on boil as you will use it to poach the salmon in it.

On a board, spread 6 sheets of Parma hamBay leaf poached salmon

and wrap a few sprigs of asparagus in each, making tight little parcelsBay leaf poached salmon

Preheat a grill to 200C. Lay the parcels on a tray, lined with tin foil. Drizzle with a little olive oil and finish with a crack of black pepperBay leaf poached salmonPut in the grill and set the alarm to 5 minutes. In the mean time, add to the boiling asparagus water 5-6 bay leaves and 10-12 whole peppercorns Get your salmon steaks outDrizzle some more olive oil and throw in another pinch of sea salt. The fish will need to take in some more of the flavour, less salt will leave it rather blandBay leaf flavoured water
Get your salmon steaks out
5-6 bay leaves

And slowly immerse each into the boiling water. See how the colour of it changes to transparent orange to gentle milky pink in an instance?Bay leaf flavoured poached salmonIt takes 3-4 minutes maximum for the steaks to cook. Don’t overdo it. You want a gentle, melt in the mouth texture, not chalky, “can’t ¬†swallow this” one.
All I am going to accompany the dish with, is a simple, roughly chopped tomato and shallot salad, seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic reduction.Bay leaf flavoured poached salmonThe asparagus parcels are ready at the same time the salmon is ready to come out (see? Timed perfectly!)Bay leaf flavoured poached salmonLine 3 parcels, side by side on a plate and lay a beautiful salmon steak on top. a final drizzle of olive oil and a final crack of black pepper complete the pictureBay leaf flavoured poached salmonNow….isn’t this divine! Simplicity at it’s absolute best!


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