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The bay leaf, the chocolate and the toddler

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The secret behind making a 6 hour cake is involving a toddler to “help” you. Don’t have one? You are welcome to my little treasure! Hahah.

We start off by getting all the ingredients lined up:

First of all, the most important bit – the bay leaf flavoured butter (After all, it’s ALL about bay leaf these days, innit!). How to do this?: Put 125gr of unsalted butter in a microwave proof dish, crack 2 cardamom pods in and toss in 4 torn fresh bay leaves. Cover and heat on high power for 30 seconds. Swirl and heat for 30 secs again. Leave for 15 minutes and repeat. Then another 15 min and repeat again. You now have bay leaf flavoured butter!

Bay leaf flavoured butterPoor the butter over 200 gr of chopped good quality chocolate. I a, using dark, but then I’m a sucker for bitter-sweet deserts. If you are not such a fan, half dark, half milk or only milk will work just as well.

Bay leaf butter and choc

Put the choc and butter in the microwave and melt in 30 sec intervals (30 sec heat, stir, 30 sec heat, stir again) until all the chocolate has dissolved. Be careful not to overheat as the chocolate will cook and split.
I feel a tugging at my trouser leg and guess what I see! Lil’helper has entered the kitchen!Neo helping make cake

“Come get the eggs ready then. 1,2…all 4!” I say, sitting monsta’ on the worktop
Neo helping make chocolate cake

“And look what we found in the cupboard! A 110 gr pack of Quince jelly. How interesting ! Yup, we are using it!” Neo helping make chocolate cake

We separate the eggs, yolks go in one bowl, whites in another. (The “another” is a bowl I am really reeeealy obsessed with at the mo! It’s my NEW Frosted Glass Crystal White KitchenAid Stand Mixer Bowl! Aaaaahhhh….Beauty!)Bay leaf chocolate cake

Give the yolks a good beating ’till they turn rather pale and frothy, then spoon the quince jelly over them

Bay leaf chocolate cakeMix well togetherBay leaf chocolate cake

And add a little magic – 2 caps of Jim Beam whiskey :-)!Bay leaf chocolate cake

Dip a spoon in your ready chocolate mix….Bay leaf chocolate cake

And let the “Taster” do their very important job!Bay leaf chocolate cake
Again…Bay leaf chocolate cake
And again…..Bay leaf chocolate cakeUntil a final approval has been given! Add the chocolate to the egg-jelly-whiskey mix and combine.

Bay leaf chocolate cake

Add 50 gr of ground almonds.

Bay leaf chocolate cake

And 3 tbsp of honey.Bay leaf chocolate cake
Finish the mixture by folding in the 4 egg whites, beaten to a hard peak stage.Bay leaf chocolate cakeWhile the oven gets heated up to a 180C, the mitts need cleared away so they don’t disturb your view!Bay leaf chocolate cake
They also make such a cool bedding! Soooft soft! Plus dots are very fashionable this week, with the royal momma n’all that! We are wearing them!Bay leaf chocolate cake

Right….far too much mess has been made in the kitchen! Time for a quick clean up!Bay leaf chocolate cake

Mix is ready, oven is preheated and the view is clear from all obstructions. All it takes now is to butter and dust (flower) a 26 cm spring cake tin and poor the chocolate mixture in.Bay leaf chocolate cake
Shake well after you’ve tipped all the mixture in for an even surface Bay leaf chocolate cake
The tin goes in the preheated oven for 20 minutes. By then the cleaning is all done!Bay leaf chocolate cake
The cake comes out of the oven and is left it to cool in the tin for 5 minutes

Bay leaf chocolate cake
Then the tin is unsprung and the ready cake is transferred to a dish where it’s left to cool down for half hour.Bay leaf chocolate cake
In the mean time, we  mix a cup of crème fraiche with a cup of double cream and 3 tbsp of sugar to a soft peak stage. It goes piled high on top of the cake after it has cooled down, cause that’s just how we love it!Bay leaf chocolate cake
Gonna grate some chocolate on topBay leaf chocolate cake
“Don’t be stingyyyyyy, grate some more!” My inner voice shouts!Bay leaf chocolate cake
Now, how good does that look!Bay leaf chocolate cake
Covering up and in the fridge it goes to set…Bay leaf chocolate cake
And isn’t this is a face that says: forget about setting….just cut me a big slice! I ain’t waiting!Bay leaf chocolate cake
Here we go!
Bay leaf chocolate cake

Picture perfect!….half choc, half cream….then some more choc bite on top!

….but then… a bit of an anticlimax! ….Hmmmm…..

So here is the conclusion to my quest:

I set off to find out if bay leaf works well with chocolate. I ended up a few hours later with messy to the brink kitchen and a chocolate covered kid, having in front of me a wonderful flavoured and textured cake with a very weird aroma…It took a few bites to actually get around the idea that it was actually a cake I was eating…It is amusing to confuse the senses, what an experience! This is what happens when you see red and bite green…or visa versa…Worth trying just for the experience, that’s for sure!

My verdict? No. Bay leaf doesn’t work with chocolate. It’s a very acquired taste..
But everything else does and the cake itself, take out the culprit is actually absolutely lovely. The recipe goes in my scrap book for sure :-).
Plus next time I make it, my daughter is helping for sure! I don’t remember having that much fun in the kitchen…EVER!


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