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July 2013



The boys and the Barbie

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It is my last night in Bulgaria and the boys (my dad and my brother that is) are sending me off with a great fish BBQ. A fresh catch of Sardines and King mackerel is awaiting it’s big moment :-) Fish BBQ

While my dad gets the pleasant “job” of gutting and cleaning the fish,

Fish BBQ

my brother fusses about setting the barbie up, legging it from a corner to corner of the garden.

Fish BBQFinding a perfect place at last, he gets it going and the smoke that comes off the heated grills is already making everyone salivate. Beer in hand and sardines on the ready, the first batch goes on. They have been butterflied and simply seasoned with salt and a touch of black pepper.

Fish BBQ
Fish BBQThe tiny fillets take only a couple of minutes on each side and grilling them like that saves you from cleaning any bones – they simply melt in the mouth. Pop a whole one in and mmmm….reach for another one already!Fish BBQ

The King Mac, the star of the show – fatty and beautifully fleshy, gets split in the middle and needs a bit longer to cook – about 8 minutes on each side. Be careful not to overdo, as it tends to get a bit tough.

Fish BBQ

To keep it moist, cover with foil after you take off the grill and let it relax for 5 minutes. A squeeze of lemon over it helps elevate the flavour.

Fish BBQ

Hands on the ready, we gather round the table. Eating fish with fork and a knife is punishable by law! You know that a meal is a success when the conversation seizes and all you hear is mouths munching happily, a hand being slapped here and there, caught trying to steal the best bits and Tyson, the greedy pomeranian protesting from under the tableFish BBQ

I am sad to be going tomorrow! The month and a half back home just flew in…At the same time I am excited to be going back to the UK, back to Cornwall for a week and then doing the big bad move back to London! A new life and loads of new, exciting food awaits…Ta da!


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