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July 2013



From the Last to the First

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Here we go, finally managed to get to the last batch of courgettes for this year!
And what a treat today as well- the first potatoes are now ready to dig out. Tonight my dad is making a feast of sending out the old and welcoming the new :-)

It’s been a scorching day and even now, at 9 pm the temperature gage hardly dips under 30 Celsius.


We are all sitting in the garden sipping cool Sangria, while dad is setting up the old deep fryer at the far edge of the garden, oil heating up for our simple, but nevertheless delicious dinned – fried courgettes and chips, served with garlic spiced youghurt. Courgettes and tattiesI did mention spiced courgettes a few posts back ( but the taste of the home made ones – especially if your dad is slaving over them – is a thousand times better!

I did the prep myself and retired. It was such haaaard work, I tell you! All this washing..

Courgettes…and slicing

Courgettesand more washingBaby potatoesand chopping….Potatoes for chipsPlus you have to season them before frying with a handful of flour, to help them get a crunchier edges…no wander I feel like puting my feet up! Hahahgarlic dip

Quick blitz of 2 heads of garlic, pinch of sea salt and a cup of youghurt, followed by 4 batches in the deep fryer results in the tastiest dinner ever! Real mid-summer treat. Courgettes and tattiesAnd the dragon-garlic-breath keeps the mosquitoes away :-) Courgettes and tatties


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