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July 2013



Strawberries and Vinaigrette. Posh job!

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Who would have thought that adding a handful of strawberries to a salad will escalate it onto a highly “special” status? Fruit in a salad, you’d frown? Yes, exactly! Let me convince you:

The sweet  acidity of the strawberries is complimented beautifully by a velvety rich, tangy balsamic dressing. A sprinkle of a few smoke roasted chopped almonds surprise every mouthful with a crunchy bite, while the crisp green leaves provide a refreshing flavour base. Mellow, salty goats cheese is all you need to round it all up in sweet perfection. Sweet, salty, smokey, sour flavours mingled with soft, crisp, crunchy texture…
How much more goodness can  you cram in a bowl I ask?


I will be serving this salad at home to anyone I can drag through the door, that’s for sure! Can’t wait to get back and try ..Heavenly!

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