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June 2013



When nothing else will do!

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I often sit and rack my brains “what is it exactly that I fancy eating?” Most of the times it’s just a faint idea, or a smell…or a taste in the mouth I want but just can’t put my finger to what it is….
I rather dislike that as it leaves me wandering for hours between the fridge and all the cupboards, resulting in a stomach full of nonsense (nope, it’s not that, let’s try this..noooo……maybe ice cream…a sausage?..noooope, it’s not this either!!)

Today is one of those days. I’ve been all over the house, eaten whatever met my eyes, without getting the satisfaction left from what I REALLY want….then It dawned on me! A “Gipsy banitza”! Oh, my! It has been years since I’ve thought or had one of those! Being a very picky eater as a kid (True, don’t know what happened to me later….) I literally grew up on these simple delights – my gran tells me pretty much nothing else would pass the scrutiny!

“Gipsy banitza” is basically a piece of fresh bread – if you can get a hot loaf is even better – I’d go as fas as saying; make one yourself if you can’t! – ┬áseasoned with sweet paprika, salt and oil (olive oil if you are posh….and health conscious!) That’s all there is to it, and yes, it sounds like nothing special but trust me – try it when you are hungry and you will be amazed! Those simple 3 ingredients transform bread into something so scrumptious, it becomes addictive…


Village people in Bulgaria ate bread this way in the old ages, when times were really tough and meat and any other nourishing products were very scarce. Bread contains a lot of vital ingredients like fibre, starch and filling carbohydrates, while oil gives you a fat boost. Paprika contains irons and loads of other vitamins (it basically is ground dried red peppers and everyone used to make their own, so no preservatives here) Salt is just an added luxury, not a necessity. The tradition has continued since and there isn’t a Bulgarian that can not tell you what a “Gipsy banitza” is and that their gran never sent them off to the playground with one in hand. Try it for yourself!

Here it is:

Cut a few slices of fresh bread and drizzle with olive (or sunflower/veg) oil.Gipsy banitzaSprinkle with paprika and saltSAMSUNG CSCSqueeze the slice in your palm and rub about to let the ingredients combine and soak onto the bread.


Bite and enjoy!


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