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June 2013



Baked egg Ratatouille

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I’ve been eyeing my leftover ratatouille every time I’ve opened the fridge door today (that makes at least 30 times…I’m nursing a head cold for sticking my face it in ever so often!)
It is great eaten as it is, but I’m supposed to make dinner and, because the heat is making me very lazy, it will just have to do all the work for me. A light-bulb moment – oh yes, i’m feeling ever so clever, and I’ve got it! A filling supper, as simple as it gets:

Ratatouille goes in a ovenproof dish and I make a few “nests” in it with a spoon.

Cracking ¬†fresh, free-range eggs in the “nests” takes about 30 seconds, twist of the black pepper mill – another 5. ¬†One of the eggs went all over the place, but hey, who is looking for perfection here!
Straight in the oven at 160C/gas4. No need for preheating, the slower rising heat will bake the eggs more evenly.

Supper made in under a minute and all it takes now is to wait for the eggs to set, sit the whole dish on the table and let everyone serve themselves for a change :-)

Loovely job.

They have a great saying about lazy people in Bulgaria – “Give a sluggard a job and he will give you back advise on how to finish it with as little work as possible”. That’ll be me :-). There is another great one – “If laziness was painful, you’d be dead by now”….hahah my mother used to shout that at me all through my childhood!

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