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June 2013



A salad stole my heart

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I went out searching for a pizza and I found a salad! It is very rare that my carnivorous side steps aside and let’s me enjoy fruit and veg. Maybe because it’s summer, I’m feeling very partial to a tomato lately…
I’d never thought that walnuts would compliment tomatoes but it turns out they do rather nicely! The contrast between the soft fleshy fruit and the crunchy, earthy walnuts in the same mouthful exaturates both textures. Add some smooth feta in the mix and you have a winner!
As soon as I got home I wanted to recreate the taste and add the recipe to my textbook. And as I’m a big walnut fan today, I’m also gonna throw a handful of them in a cucumber salad (which I also saw on the menu but never ordered) and see if it works.

For my tomato adventure I’ve picked 2 lovely ripe, fleshy ones from my dad’s garden, cut them both in thin half slices and layered them on a flat plate.
After a drizzle of good olive oil, on top goes some crumbled feta cheese, just enough to blanket the tomatoes.

150gr of raw walnuts, which I’ve crushed in my palm go over the cheese and the salad is complete with a final drizzle of olive oil, a crack of back pepper and some sprigs of fresh marjoram for an added aroma burst.

Taste it?….Love it. Simple and delicious.

Now the cucumber salad: I’ve peeled and sliced in half 2 cucumbers, then cut them in 2cm pieces.
Put the pieces in a deep salad bowl and added a handful of crushed raw walnuts
Added to that 5 mashed cloves of garlic
a pinch of sea salt, half a bunch of fresh dill (cut)
Mixed together with 200gr of full fat Greek yoghurt and here it is!
Its ever so refreshing! A real Mediterranean summer treat :-)

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